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    May 2002:
    Screen Logos Grab a cool background for your calculator screen.

    Jan 2002:
    Simulation suite of programs has been added to programs page.

    Oct 2001:
    Express order form added to buy cables using internet banking.

    Dec 2000:
    $$ Converter added to change our cable prices into your local currency.
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    Casio Solutions

    These pages are a resource for users of the CFX, FX1.0/2.0 and FX7400 Casio graphics calculator ranges. However, much of the content can be adapted for other makes and models.
    Looking for fx9860G or Classpad 300 pages?
    Follow this link to main Casio Solutions home.
    Games! Over 100 games to download free from this site. Loosely rated from best to worst, you'll find all the favourites here for the CFX models.
    Please note that these pages are no longer supported. Links may be broken and resources out of date, but you may find some useful stuff! Good luck, Charlie.
    Content of main pages at this site:

    PROGRAMS Nearly 100 free utilities and mathematical programs in *.cat format to run on CFX, FX1.0/2.0 or FX7400 or later graphics calculators. Includes statistics, probability, sequences and complex numbers.

    GAMES Over 100 games all in *.cat format to run on CFX, FX1.0/2.0 or later models. Download free from this site, transmit directly into your calculator with a cable and you'll be playing in seconds.

    SCREEN LOGOS Nearly 100 cool screen logos in *.cat format to use with CFX and FX2.0 models. Download free from this site, transmit directly into your calculator with a cable and your calculator will be transformed in seconds.

    CALCS'N'CABLES SOLD OUT - NO MORE STOCK Join our worldwide customer base and buy top quality mail order cables for a fraction of shop prices - both 'PC to calculator' and 'calculator to calculator' types.

    CFX v REST Speed tests between the CFX9850G, Algebra FX2.0, Sharp EL9600, HP38G, TI82 and TI83+ graphics calculators. Are you using a quick calculator?

    WORKSHEETS Some CFX9850G worksheets and tasks which illustrate or introduce the most common calculator features used in the math classroom.

    BOOKS A list of publications written to help graphics calculator users. Some are specifically for certain brands and models whilst others are of a general nature.

    DATA LOGGING This page presents tried and tested ways of using the Casio EA-100 Data Analyzer in the mathematics and science classrooms. Links to all major probe manufacturers.

    Plus links to other sites grouped by:

    MATH LINKS Other sites which have some degree of mathematical content for users of Casio graphic calculators, including the best of the 'official Casio sites'.

    TECHNICAL LINKS The links from this page cover technical aspects of the Casio graphing calculators such as free link software (including the official FA-122 and FA-123), file-formats, Casio utilities and so on.

    GAMES LINKS Many Casio sites offer games, games and more games. This is where to find them.

    OTHER LINKS These links are aimed at other brands of graphics calculators but also include a few miscellaneous Casio pages that don't really fit anywhere else.

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