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ClassPad Ending Screens

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Default Classpad Ending Screen

Ending Screens - the picture that briefly flashes onto the screen when you turn your hand held ClassPad off. The image at right is the default ending screen for the old 330 model.

Ending Screens for new ClassPad II
(new, black body)

To make your own ending screens, you'll need a PC and a copy of the Casio Picture Conversion Engine software to convert your own image in either .bmp, .gif, .jpg or .png formats to ClassPad .c2p format. For some reason, Casio have not yet released this Windows software into the public domain, so to get a copy please contact Casio Ed in Sydney. The software also requires that you have QuickTime installed on your computer. No news on when a Mac version will be available.

Take a look at Setting up Ending Screens or Using the Conversion software on the ClassPad Help Series for the new ClassPad II.

Click on an ending screen and save the *.c2p file on your computer. Then transfer files to the usb storage area of your handheld, open the system app and set as your ending screen.

ClassPad (old, silver body) If you create a 2-colour (ie black and white) image of width 160 and height 240 pixels, then this image can be set as your personalised Ending Screen. For help on this visit the Advanced section of the Classpad Help Series and checkout topics 981 and 982.

Below are a selection of ending screens saved in old Classpad picture format that can be downloaded and installed into your hand held. If you have Classpad Manager installed on your computer, simply double-click the picture and choose Open to save the picture into your Manager. Otherwise, choose the Save option and install into your handheld as you would any other file.

Ending Screens for old model ClassPad


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